Our Focus: 21st Century Learning

The focus at Park View Preparatory is on 21st Century Learning. In 2002, a coalition was formed by heads of major corporations, leaders in education, and the United States Department of Education to collaborate on ways to prepare our kids for the workforce of the 21st Century. This coalition was later named, "The Partnership of 21st Century Learning". Through years of planning and research, a framework was established to provide schools and districts a road map to best give all kids the tools for the jobs of tomorrow.

In March of 2013, the state of California became the 18th state in the country to adopt the Partnership's framework. That same year, Park View Preparatory teachers worked together for over 6 months and agreed on this initiative to best prepare our kids for college and career readiness. In October of 2013, Park View Preparatory received written permission to adopt the framework as our school focus.

We have established an action plan for full implementation by 2020, and are on well on schedule. We currently have supports to ensure 21st Century Skills, or the 4 Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity), Information/Media/Technology Skills, and Life-to-Career Skills are being taught, applied, and mastered. We are currently working on systems to get all 21st Century Themes in practice.

The primary delivery for instruction to practice the 4 Cs is cooperative learning. We have also earmarked one hour a week, school-wide, for project-based learning.

For more information on 21st Century Learning, please visit www.p21.org.