Principal’s Message

Mr. Barles Headshot
Fortune Barles


Welcome to Park View Prep's Webpage!  I appreciate you taking the time to check out what Park View has to offer.  We pride ourselves in constant reflection, dialogue, and improvement to provide all of our students with a high quality educational experience.

Park View Prep is a school of 21st Century Learning.  We are on a mission to prepare our little Panthers for the job market of tomorrow by teaching California State Standards through the 4 Cs: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.  These are the skills identified by the business community, educational leaders, and policy makers to best prepare our students for a globalized workforce. 

If you walk our campus, you will see the kids engaged and classrooms set up to practice cooperative learning. This instructional model gives kids the much needed opportunities to build knowledge, process information, learn procedures, think critically, and present information through interacting with others.  Weekly team building and class building in our classes also make our rooms safe areas for kids to express ideas.  Not only do the students experience this collaboration- so do our parents when they attend monthly School Site Council or English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) meetings!  All staff meetings are cooperative meetings as well to keep our teachers' skills sharp in their rooms.

All of our kids and staff know to show their PAWS: Pride, Attitude, Work Ethic, and Safety in all we do.  When we show them, we celebrate- when we don't we intervene and teach.  PAWS are essential to all we do at our school.

I cannot be more proud of the community our team has formed at Park View Preparatory to support our kids.  With extra curricular activities available such as our Student Leadership (ASB), Drama Club, Chorus, Junior Olympics, Robotics, and weekly project-based instruction, the opportunities are there for our kids to thrive.  On behalf of our school, I want to thank you for the privilege to be a part of your child's educational journey.

Fortune Barles, Principal
Park View Preparatory